Jul 31 2013

Cheingora in all its splendor


From the back:

Cheingora-wool mix, two ply, 4 strand round braid.

Cheingora-wool mix, plied with alpaca, 4 strand round braid.

Chiengora-wool mix, plied with alpaca, yarn.

Chiengora-wool-silver flash mix, plied with alpaca, yarn.

On bobbin: Chiengora-wool mix, single ply.

Jul 14 2012


Dec 8 2011

Birthday of Eli Whitney

Happy Birthday to Eli Whitney (1765) — inventor of the cotton gin.
Check out his at the bottom of .

Nov 7 2011

Black Fiberday!

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Black Friday?
Join us for Black Fiberday, a mellow day of creative work, learning to needlefelt.
Make Handmade, Local Gifts, Custom Created by: You!

Click here for the printable .pdf poster

Where? Argonne Library
When? 25 November 2011
Time? 10am – 2pm
Who? Anyone, ages serious 5 years – playful adults

Here’s how it works:

Every hour, on the hour, Jen will demonstrate how to needle felt.

1) Get a fresh needle
(practice safe needle-felting — don’t share needles!)
2) Make 2D creations
(great for making pins or embellishments).


3) Add another dimension with 3D ornaments
(pictured here).

RSVP to: Jen@angryspinner.com

May 27 2011

ArtFest is Upon Us!

It’s one week until ArtFest, and things are crazy at the house of the Angry Spinner.

The castle of the loom is piled with scraps:

There’s a TENT in the middle of the living room, that’s been turned into a sweat shop:

And I’m warping MOHAIR. Mohair, people:

But the mohair is making BEAUTIFUL brushed shawls and throws:

Come see me at ArtFest next weekend (June 3, 4, 5) in booth N36 in the NW corner of Coeur’d Alene Park in Browne’s Addition, Spokane, WA.

Mar 6 2011

Fiber Clinic!

Stuck in a project rut? Have fiber questions? Looking for new ideas? Want a sounding board?
Bring your current fiber project (felted, knit, spun, woven) to the Free Fiber Clinic and we’ll put our heads together to get you from UFO* to finished piece of work.

4/15 12-2pm
4/22 12-2pm
5/6 12-2pm
5/13 12-2pm
5/20 12-2pm
5/27 12-2pm

Sign up at Paradise Fibers under “Classes” to join.

*UnFinished Object

Mar 22 2007

Bamboo-Merino Sample

Bamboo Merino BlendSample I got a sample of the Bamboo Merino Top from Paradise Fibers in Spokane this week. It’s very clean, very soft, high-luster bamboo-merino top. Shown in picture spun to 17 WPI (sport weight), two-ply. It needed a little more twist than merino-alone does, but plied very nicely to a yarn that hangs well. The bamboo gives it that beautiful luster, and a nice drape and weight.

Mar 21 2007

Navajo Churro Fiber

ChurroApprox. 1 oz. of Navajo Churro wool in a rich tweedy grey. If you look closely, you’ll see black, white, and grey fibers in this wool. Woolinated in the Woolinator 3000, and drum carded by the Angry Spinner, this wool spins easily, and has good strength and wear.