Mar 22 2007

Levi bar Alpheus – Yarn from Yarns Line


Handdyed Columbia/Dorset blend wool that moves in large self-striping from the purple heavens with topaz glass stars to the skys with merino clouds to the green grasses of the earth, with five small, brightly dressed people and silk thread grasses.

Heavens Biff Sky Biff Land.

Approx. 110 yards 3.7 oz

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Levi Tapestry: knitted art yarn tapestry

Mar 22 2007

Ella – Yarn from Yarns Line

Ella2Ella Technically, Ella runs into ogres, not trolls, and manages to keep from being eaten, but Pablo the Alpaca is still very happy that Ella is safe.

Handdyed Columbia/Dorset wool in a rainbow of troll flavours, with a dozen trolls pied in throughout. Created using a quill head attachment, at considerable risk to the Angry Spinner.

Approx 48 yards, 3.8 oz.

Mar 15 2007

The Peter Rabbit Skein

While I like to spin all kinds of yarn, thick, thin, thick-and-thin, textured, smooth, and in all kinds of colours, perhaps my favourite thing to do is to find something really unique. Currently, I have a dozen yarns that have different glass beads spun in, including the Abby Normal and Lily Servo yarns in black alpaca with glass skull beads, and blood red cotton and crimson sari silk respectively.

The Peter Rabbit Skein started with an unusual corsage I received this February. Renaissance Guy was going to be out of town during ECOR’s Annual Auction, so I asked two couples to be my collective date, one of whom (a florist–see card below) brought me a corsage made from random (plastic) vegetables. Armour's Flowers

Inspired by Pluckyfluff’s Prairie Dream yarn, I decided to try my hand at a similar skein–one with vegetables, a rabbit, and a small blue coat. I plan to debut it at the NWRSA Conference the first weekend in June.