Custom Handwoven Cloth

To Begin
We begin by talking, either by phone (509.280.4785) or email ( or messaging on Facebook, or in person, if you’re local.
You tell me about what you’d like, I let you know where I have an opening in my calendar, and we see if we’re a good fit to work together. If you have inspiration photos, ideas for colourways, or are thinking of something wild and interesting, this is a good time to hit me with all of it. I love an interesting challenge, and I want you to end up with the handwoven cloth of your dreams.

If you’d like to proceed, I request a non-refundable $50 deposit. This can be made in cash, check, PayPal or Square.

The Process
At this point, you choose the yarns you want, we determine the final width and length of the cloth, hammer out details regarding the finishing (hem or fringe), and finalize the design.
I can weave the selvages thicker than the rest of the cloth so that they don’t need to be hemmed, and are straight from the outset.

My base pricing for plain weave custom cloth (up to 5 warp colours + one weft colour) is:
Size 2 – 2.7 meters/106 inches….$300.00
Size 3 – 3.2 meters/126 inches….$350.00
Size 4 – 3.6 meters/142 inches….$375.00
Size 5 – 4.2 meters/165 inches….$420.00
Size 6 – 4.6 meters/181 inches….$460.00
Size 7 – 5.2 meters/205 inches….$520.00
Size 8 – 5.6 meters/220 inches….$560.00