In order to take advantage of social networking, the Angry Spinner has linked AngrySpinner.com to her facebook page. Facebook requires a Terms of Service URL and Privacy Policy. AngrySpinner.com isn’t a big site, and it’s not like we’ve got an army of lawyers. So here are our policies in plain and simply language:

Terms of Service

This is a blog.  It might be here when you get here.  It might not.  If you choose to post something here, it might remain.  It might not.  We make no warranties of any kind whatsoever.  We hope you enjoy time spent on AngrySpinner.com, but you may not.  So it goes.  By posting things either directly, or via Facebook, you agree that AngrySpinner.com can quote them, and publicly display them.  If you don’t like this, don’t post.

Privacy Policy

We don’t collect any personal or private information, other than what you provide to establish an account.  We won’t sell what scant little information we have about you to anyone; however, we might contact you, and we might try sell you some cool handcrafted goods.  Assume anything you post is public.  Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mom to see.